Welcome to the San Fernando Valley Pickleball League Page! Warner Center Pickleball is proud to be the host of the first SFVPB Leagues. Be a part of the fastest growing sport while enjoying building a community of friends you can play with. Each league is typically 6-8 weeks long and varies from Men's, Women's and Mixed MLP formats. Fall 2024 MLP Leagues are now forming. If you'd like to participate in one of our leagues, we need to know a little bit about you. Please complete this form and we will be contacting you soon!


Congratulations to the Women's League Winners
1st Place - The Cucumbers
2nd Place - TroPickle Thunder

Congratulations to the Men's League Winners
1st Place - The Hit Men
2nd Place - BDE - Big Dink Energy

Congratulations to the MLP Winners
1st Place - Maxam Family Band
2nd Place - A Dinkle in Time
The Cucumbers
The Cucumbers
TroPickle Thunder
TroPickle Thunder
The Hit Men
The Hit Men
Big Dink Energy
BDE (Big Dink Energy)
Maxam Family Band
MLP League Night
A Dinkle In Time


Congratulations to the PICKLCHIX for Winning the Women's 3.5 Fall 2023 Season.
Congratulations to the CUCUMBERS for Winning the Women's 3.0 Fall 2023 Season.

3.5 - 1st Place: The PicklChix
3.5 - 2nd Place: The Pickledillies
3.0 - 1st Place: The Cucumbers
3.0 - 2nd Place: Team Grip N' Rip
Congratulations to the DINKLEBERRIES for Winning the MEN'S Fall 2023 Season.
Congratulations to the PICKLY BLINDERS for taking SILVER in the MEN'S Fall 2023 Season.
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